Bungalow 5... at it again

Just in case you are not on the mailing list, I wanted to make sure you all saw this. Bungalow 5 has a new website and some new stuff! And you all know how much I like new stuff. Like this:

Catherine 3 Drawer Side

This chest at first glance seems a little been-there-done-that....til you realize it is black GLASS. Very glam. Very chic.

Renee Lamp

Ever on the look out for lamps, I always check in with Bungalow for well priced and lovely lamps like these.

Alexandra Lamp

Wouldn't this chest be the perfect thing for a serene guest room. The icy blue color....so calm and pretty.

Brigitte Large Chest

Nail heads always add a little bit more style, don't they? And when put on a classic shape like this Parsons style table, what is not to love?

Marco Low Table

This new chest is very Dorothy Draper. It comes in lacquered parchment white grass cloth as well as toast brown and moss green, any of which would be wonderful in a front hall :

Isabella Chest

This modern take on the classic garden stool jazzes things up a bit. It would be fun in a contemporary space or traditional, inside or out:

Greta Garden Seat

Just thought you'd like to know.