The Family's Room

Many of you have seen my kitchen remodel project...and if you haven't, you can check it out here, and here....but I hadn't shown the Family Room before, which is adjacent to the kitchen. There was always something or other that I was waiting for, or looking for. And it is still not completely "done". (Is it ever?). I would still like to get some bamboo shades up, and hang a couple of things on the walls.
But I thought...I had cleaned it for that Progressive Dinner Party the other night...and it looked pretty pictures were in order.

I always say that a room is not your own til you have added something one-of-a-kind to it. Whether it is your Great Aunt's Chinese Porcelain cache pots, or a Garage Sale rattan table, or the Flea Market Art Deco Throw....find something you love that no one else has. Even better if it tells a story. Like the time when you went to France in your 20's and successfully managed to get the two little polka-dotted pitchers home from a Flea Market in Provence wrapped carefully in the socks in your suitcase without breaking them. Or the time when you meticulously ordered a custom rug from Tibet with a wave motif on the edge to remind you of the ocean with a navy blue field color, waited twice the time promised...and then when it comes in you are horrified to see it is forest green. One has to really love a rug to wait all over again for the blue rug to come.
But things come as they come. It is the room we use the most often. We sit and watch movies, do homework, munch on popcorn and cookies, drink wine with friends. It really has all of the important stuff. But I still think to myself what does the room still need? I guess that is why I do what I do.