Update: My Big Fat Remodel

Just a little update. I just had the mirrors put into the Built-in I designed for the one and only hallway in this 1911 house of mine. The cabinets are a shaker style with the doors inset into the face frame, a traditional style cabinet that was used elsewhere in the house. The goal was to marry the history from the rest of the house with the more modern approach in the kitchen. The mirrors expand the hallway so well and add a wonderful sparkle. Call me crazy, but I get excited about stuff like this. It just made my day to come home and see them done! (I hope you can excuse the mess on the counters, we are still moving in! :)

Here is a small view of the Powder Room in progress. I am still deciding: paint color? wallpaper? The white walls are a little "ho hum" I think:

This is the view outside a kitchen window into the neighbor's yard:

We have the most wonderful neighbors. We have an open invitation to pick their Meyer Lemons and tomatoes whenever we want to. They also have grape vines and they bring us roses in the summer. A little piece of Eden.

(I apologize for the sporadic postings, but we are are the "Move-In" mode at the moment trying to beat the clock ticking down to the holidays. I will do better, I promise!)