$35,000 Toilet?!?!?!

"Dagobert" Wooden Throne by Herbeau. Constructed entirely of solid ash and decorated with hand painted Moustier Polychrome designs. The musical chime "Le Bon Roi Dagobert" begins playing as the lid is raised. MSRP: $14,123 plus shipping.

It seems there has been a bit of confusion about a $35,000 "commode" that found it's way into the office decor of one notorious Mr. John Thain, (ousted Merrill Lynch CEO) via the talents of recently announced White House decorator Michael S. Smith. For an excellent and comprehensive article about the scandal, visit Joni at Cote de Texas for her fascinating report.

Now, back to the now infamous "commode". Yes, a "commode" can be defined as a "toilet". And there are many toilets out there that come close to, and even far exceed the $35,000 price tag. And even though the "commode" in Mr. Thain's office is NOT a toilet, but instead a low chest of drawers, as illustrated in Joni's article, it is amusing to speculate as to what a $35,000 toilet might look like.

The "Isis" toilet by Jemal Wright Bath Designs has been decked out with 50,000 Swarovski crystals and retails for about $75,000

The "most expensive toilet in the world" this 24carat gold and be-jeweled toilet can be found in a Hong Kong jewelry store and has become quite a tourist attraction. Estimated to be worth $7.5 million.

Mr. Thain might be interested to know that, now that he might be looking for a job, he can still get his very own "throne" here.