James Bleecker: High Line

A new body of work by photographer James Bleecker is now showing at the Allen Sheppard Gallery in New York. You have until December 13th to catch it. So if you are in town, high tail it over to "High Line". You won't be dissapointed. Here are a few of his amazingly ethereal images.

" The building of the High Line Park has underscored that shift. Photographer James
Bleecker in his latest series, High Line, has captured the noir atmosphere of both pre and post
gentrification of West Chelsea in each magnificent picture.
These powerfully large prints of High Line images are alive with rich tonality and light, providing irresistible pleasure for the viewer. One senses idealization of subject and a feeling suggesting a depiction beyond reality. This serves to elevate the viewer's awareness of this sleek, beautiful relic of New York City's industrial age that, heretofore, has been just an unnoticed feature (to some, an eyesore) of the West Chelsea urbanscape. This remarkable series of photographs washes over the viewer with a mood exhorting a visual experience that is at once contemporary and timeless."

James Bleecker is a commercial and fine arts photographer who resides in New York City. He
has received commissions from David Rockefeller, The Morgan Library, The Frick Collection, and The American Museum of Natural History. In 2007 he photographed “Tuxedo Park: The Historic Houses,” (Tuxedo Historical Society/Black Dome Press).

A portion of all proceeds will be donated for the benefit of the Friends of the High Line.