Shopping: Stream of Consciousness

Embossed Flower Mirror

I have been trying to finish up odds and ends for my daughter's bedroom tonight. I still need a mirror for above the dresser I ordered from Jayson Home and Garden, and I really like this one (above) from Wisteria priced at $349. I have always loved inlaid mother of pearl furniture, and have a couple of other small pieces, including a small carved and inlaid mirror (too small to use as a dressing mirror). This style would be so pretty in her room! It is a bit much for me right now though.

Hitchens Low Dresser

This is the dresser I ordered from Jayson Home and Garden. It is a bit of a splurge, but I think it can be used in so many ways so I think it is a good investment piece. I think it would be great as a buffet in a dining room, or as a hallway table. The black color will work into a lot of different scenarios if I change furniture around when children have fled the coop. When my daughter gets a place of her own, she may have to wrestle me for it!

Sarina Inlaid Mirror

Because of the dollars spent on the dresser, I am trying to save a bit by looking at some other mirrors. I found this one on the Pottery Barn website. Not quite at intricate as the Wisteria mirror, but still pretty, inlaid and less expensive at $279.

Anyway....I got a bit sidetracked on the Pottery Barn website. I started looking at the Autumn table settings. Completely off track, I know. But I really liked these Baroque Salad plates!

Baroque Salad Plates

Typically, I am strictly a white plate entertainer. I just think that food is the star and always looks best on a white plate. I do love a gold rim and have a collection of vintage Tiffany gold rimmed plates. But I have never really taken to plates with patterns. But I think these would look so wonderful with a green salad, or with bread, cheese and olives. And the dinner plate underneath is still white.

Quail Plates

Then I saw these Quail Plates (also from Pottery Barn). I like these too! Perhaps a Baby Romaine salad with figs and Cambozola cheese?

Fieldcrest Hemstitched Napkins

So then I started thinking "table linens" and remembered seeing these hemstitched napkins on the fabulous Eddie Ross' blog. I was floored when he wrote that they were from Target! They looked so elegant. So I went to the Target website and found out a pack of four is only $14.95! There is a matching 70"x70" hemstitched tablecloth for $19.99.

So I am running through the saved websites on my tool bar: I went back to Wisteria and found these embroidered Silver and Gold Crown Linen napkins, thinking to myself, these would be so perfect with my Tiffany gold rimmed plates! ($27.20 for 4...not bad for 100% linen!)

And these Etched Crown Glasses, also from Wisteria ($49 for 4!), I think are going to find their way to my bar before the holidays.

So this is how I end up thing leads to another. In some cases, it can lead to really serendipitous finds. you all do this? Have you ever gone to a website to look for something in particular, only to find yourself buying something completely different and unrelated...but wonderful?