Designers Guild, Autumn 2008

As we go into the weekend, I wanted to leave you with the dreamy images of The Royal Collection, Fabrics and Wallpaper, the newest from Designers Guild.

Inspired by the interiors of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, and by the art in the Royal Collection, this collection is a creation of luxurious fantasy.

Designers Guild was given access to the archive of historic fabrics and wallcoverings and has come up with their own interpretation of sumptuous embroidered silks, velvet jacquard velvets and flocked wallpapers.

The Arabella Autumn Winter Collection also makes it's appearance with a fairytail-like collection:

Dream a little dream this weekend!

Additional Note: I received an email from Sophie Trinder with a reminder that the whole collection can be viewed here. And in answer to Aesthete's Lament comment, the collection was indeed photographed at Buckingham Palace. A link to the Royal Collection with more information about the Palace can be reached here.