The Light in the Hall

This sconce was not up when I showed you my hallway way back last November (see the post here).

I bought a pair for either side of the Butler's Pantry cabinetry. What I love is the mirrored back plate reflecting the sconce and doubling the effect. Great for a hallway.

I just want to say a big "THANK YOU" to Blogger and all of my wonderful readers. Without you all, I would not have realized I really had to clean up all of the junk mail, catalogs, magazines, notepads, used batteries, old receipts, school papers, yellow pages, rubber bands, ( how do they get everywhere?!?) off the counter before I could take this picture:

The sconces are from Hudson Valley Lighting. Hudson Valley is known for their reproduction light fixtures and their very reasonable pricing. To find out more about the details for this sconce, click here. Oh....and thank you to Hudson Valley for the very cool sconces!