Spring Break: MAUI !

First, let me apologize for not posting more often this week! I have been down with a very tenacious bug . At the same time I have been trying to get enough work done to be able to take off next week for Maui. Top that off with the hubby's car breaking down ( he gets my car and I am without wheels!), an ortho appointment for one daughter and another coming home early from school with her own bug, and it has been a more than hectic week. And I still have to pack, clean the house for a sister-in-law who will be staying while we are away......and who said anything about being ready for Easter the day we get back?!

Well...at any rate, I thought I would leave you with some of the beautiful images from the design team of Marion Philpotts-Miller, Charles De Lisle and Jonathan Staub, also known as De Lisle, Philpotts, and Staub Interiors, with offices in San Francisco and Hawaii.

I believe that all of these images are homes that Marion Philpotts has done in Hawaii, and if not, they certainly incorporate her flair for tropical design. (Not all locations are listed on the website.) Isn't that the most luscious color for a fireplace surround?!

The three photos above are from the home of the designer herself, Marion Philpotts-Miller. Marion is also the Senior Designer in the firm owned by her mother Mary Philpotts McGrath: Philpotts and Associates. (Check out their website for some more amazing Hawaiian homes.)

I will take loads of pictures to share when I get back. I'll miss you!