I have just gotten over the shock of paying for the books I charged in 2007 when what should appear but a new crop of lovelies for 2008. Will I ever get ahead?! I am thinking it will take me awhile with these new "must haves" on my radar:
Not yet released, and a little pricey, but what a great resource!

Release date: October 2008. I am not going to be able to pass up on one of my design crushes!

Available April 8 2008. What design library would be complete without Jean-Michel Frank?

Available and in-stock, I may be splurging on this right away!

Jansen Furniture will be in stock again March 15th.

There are many more that other bloggers have been mentioning lately, one of which is the new Charlotte Moss book. Sigh...what will I do? What will you do? Which books are on your priority list?