Chocolate Love: Ginger Elizabeth

What is the most important thing about Valentine's Day? That's right:


And what better way to express it than with Chocolate!

That's where Ginger Elizabeth comes in. A delectable new chocolate shop run by a brilliant young woman by the equally delectable name: Ginger Elizabeth! (I just can't get over how much I love that name!)

Sacramento happens to have an Art Walk every Second Saturday of the month. All of the Art Galleries in town are open late and people congregate in the downtown area to visit the galleries, shops, restaurants, and listen to music, which you find all over town. This last Saturday, Ginger Elizabeth was packed with a bevy of new fans all salivating over the luscious chocolate samples being given away. What struck me, other that my first instinct to devour everything in sight, was the distinctively charming design of the shop. It is very contemporary, while still being a little girly. All and all, very appetizing!

Designed by Curtis Popp of Blank Blank. Many of the fixtures were designed and made through Blank Blank.

I like the barstool design here, and the chandelier is paper.

The wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for Ginger's confections.

Ginger has a fascinating and impressive resume for a young woman of 27. She has worked with some of the greatest pastry chefs in the world and recently was the pastry chef for one of the best restaurants in the region. She started Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in 2005 at the age of 24! Her boutique is new this year. To find out more about Ginger's fascinating journey, click here.

Just a few items in Ginger's own chocolate heaven.

Talented girl, no? YES! This is Ginger putting together the chocolate sculpture I saw in her shop last Saturday.

And here she is. Ginger Elizabeth. Could a person match up with a name any better? Ginger and chocolate. Destiny!

Please pay her website a visit to see all of the chocolate possibilities. It is as well done as her shop!


(all photos courtesy of Ginger Elizabeth, Photos by Vivien Chen of Littlest Details Photography)