The Weird, the Wacky, and the Wonderful

While perusing the latest from 1st dibs today, I was coming across some items that I just had to pass along. I would love to hear your opinions on my unique finds:

1st Dibs Tar Candelabras by Mattia Biagi, part of his collection "House of Tar". Available through twentieth art and design. With Fall in the air and Halloween just around the corner, perhaps the mood is right?

A pair of "Spider" vintage swinging metal campaign chairs circa 1925 through Martin, St. Helena. These are somehow reminiscent of something from an old turn of the century sanitarium.

An Iron Railroad Spike Chair Circa 1950's available through Gustavo Olivieri. Who new the many uses of railroad spikes?

Richard Etts Plaster Planter circa 1971. Etts used his own hands to cast this sculptural planter. It reminds me of someone holding a giant water balloon, ...or something. Available through Modest Designs.

"Hand" carved chairs and table circa 1960's available through Hamptons Antique Galleries. Artist unknown. These are just so 60's! I just want to start singing "we've got the whole our hands...we've got the...."

Rare, Lifesize 19th Century Artist's Mannequin. Available through Mantiques Modern. Sort of amazing with all of the finger joints and all. I am wondering what the half round objects represent mid-torso and in the "pelvic" area? Anyone?

At first glance these carved marble chairs do not seem all that remarkable. Until you read that they are "Swivel" chairs! Described as a "pair of solid Carrara marble chairs in the Bank of England Style. One of a kind, handcrafted pair. Extremely heavy, yet surprisingly comfortable. Good for indoor or out". Available through Orange. C'mon... are they really "comfortable"? But I would love to see how they made them swivel!

And last, but not least, my favorite: "The Sustainable Lightness Of The Being" by artist Annalu'. This bench is made from real leaves in resinglass, so light it can be hung up. Magis Gallery. I think this is so beautiful! My "Welcome to Fall!"

So I am anxiously waiting for your thoughts and reactions. Are you intrigued? Are they Weird, Wonderful or a little of both?