Design Icon: Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

"I like simple interiors, less is preferred, but always enriched by elements of curiosity, an antique, a piece of art, a hint of richness." This is certainly apparent in all of Orlando Diaz-Azcuy's work and no less so in his own Manhattan apartment. I am always interested in the combination of contemporary design mixed with antiques. So I was drawn to the images of Mr. Diaz-Azcuy's combination of new and old in his own space. I love the 18th century Venetian chandelier and early 19th century sporting scene mural mixed with the bleached sycamore coffee table designed by Mr. Diaz-Azcuy, and the sofa also his own design.

The fact that he left the raw structural concrete wall in the kitchen is so wonderful. It reminds me of an old palazzo. In combination with the stainless steel cabinets and the 19th century English candlesticks...LOVE it.

In the Master Bedroom, well, I just adore the freshness of these soothing colors and mixture of objects. The light fixture is a Boyd fixture by Mr. Diaz-Azcuy.

The bed below is also his design:

House and Garden, June 2003, Photos by Matthais Petrus Schaller

An Icon in the design field, Mr. Diaz-Azcuy is well known for his many contributions to Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design. Many of you have seen his designs for Boyd Lighting:

And for McGuire Furniture:

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy was Design Principal of Gensler & Associates Architects from 1976 to 1987 before starting his own design studio in San Francisco in 1985. He has designed furniture for McGuire , HBF, Steelcase and Stow Davis; Fabrics for HBF Textiles , Pallas, and the Schumacher Company; and lighting for Boyd. He was inducted into Interior Design Magazine's Hall of Fame in 1988. As if his accomplishments in interior design weren't enough, Mr. Diaz-Azcuy holds degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, and city & regional planning. Phew.... how does he do it? I suppose that is what makes an icon.