Eco-Fabulous - Zem Joaquin

We have all been hearing so much about green design and how we might all leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Zem Joaquin takes the concept to new levels. A former "Milan fashionista" Zem is now eco-editor for House & Garden. She is such a perfect choice to make going green fashionable!

This photo of Zem is from her website/blog:

Perusing the latest House and Garden, this photo caught my eye. Zem found these drapes at a flea market and recycles them in her own new home in California. Now that kind of "green" I can get behind! The table and chairs are vintage pieces. I bet the average person does not think about buying vintage as a way to recycle.

Zem also uses antiques in her Living Room. She has used solar panels and radiant floor heating to condition the space.

Wherever possible, Zem has used vintage furniture, such as these Laszlo Dining Room Chairs. I love the colors and furnishings here!

The article does not say so, but I believe the Family Room coffee table is a vintage Michael Taylor table which was found at Benjamin Storck Ltd. in San Fransisco.

Isn't this the cutest girls room? Painted in AFM Safecoat pink.

So how does one become green and still stay fabulously fashionable? I say follow Zem's lead by taking it one step at a time, use local sources, reuse beautiful vintage finds and antiques, and think about the sustainability of products you use. For tips and information, visit her ecofabulous website!

So what kind of car does an ecofabuous defender of the Earth's resources drive? What else, but a Toyota Prius!

House and Garden, October 2007; photos by Francois Dischinger