Meet ink & peat!

Cruzing around blogland, I came across a blog that you should all visit: Me Myself & I. I had a wonderful visit and came across ink&peat, a florist that I thought was definitely worth sharing:

ink & peat is run by a woman who was a fashion designer for 15 years before following her passion for flowers and home decor. Her home decor retail store will be opeing in Portland Oregon in Spring 2008. Here are a few of her spectacular floral designs, a little eye candy:

I love the diversity of beautiful flowers, fruits, seedpods and leaves that she uses!

OK, where have I been! I have had many of you set me straight about the fact that the ink & peat owner has her own wonderful blog called: Housemartin. I cannot believe I have just found out about it. It is wonderful and packed with the latest, greatest floral arrangements and home decor ideas. So, you must check out Housemartin!

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