You're Invited! Nathan Turner Book Signing

I am sure all of you have  Nathan Turner on your radar, right? Even before Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators made him a superstar, he was already a star in the design world. Nathan has mega talent, and the charm to go with it. I believe he possesses the key to great success (other than his obvious design skills!) : sincerity, a great sense of humor and the ability to make every person feel at home in his company.

You all may recently have seen his beach house in the September Elle Decor. So livable and so fun. I could be very happy here......

So, to my point....I had the good fortune to be chatting with Mr. Turner this afternoon and realized he has a book signing for his new book, Nathan Turner's American Style, happening up near my neck of the woods tomorrow evening. I will be doing everything in my power to make it there after a full work day! So worth every effort!

Perhaps you all would like to come too?  You are all invited! 

The Book Signing event takes place at the Pottery Barn in Walnut Creek and here is all the scoop.....

Hope to see you there!!!!