San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011, the Dining Room

Grant Gibson, the dapper designer and design blogger is everywhere these days. Whether it is a trip to Columbia shared on his blog and High Gloss online magazine, or his latest adventure with the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House opening May 17th in NYC, Grant gets around!

Most recently, Grant participated in this year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase where he designed the Dining Room. I like to call the design "the Bold and the Beautiful". With his dramatic use of graphic patterns and saturated color, Grant brings punch and fun to a very stately space.

The first thing to catch my eye when I walked into the room was the bold painted floor. The high contrast and the over scaled octagonal pattern makes one smile at the get go. It is beautifully balanced with a more subdued silvery grass cloth wall covering by Phillip Jeffries.

The modern light fixture was a custom made hand blown glass piece made especially for Grant's Dining Room by the Lindsey Adelman Studio. (Be sure to check out their website....amazing stuff!). It is more than just a light source. It is a brilliant way to prominently add art to a space. I am grateful to Grant for the introduction to Lindsey Adelman Studio!

 I think Kelly Green is making a come back with a vengeance. The Dining Room chairs look fabulous decked out in green, and with the addition of the yellow bowls, blue and white urns and pink peonies, there was a fresh exuberance to the space.

 Grant always has a little surprise up his sleeve when he designs. He imagined this room to be a space for everyone, including the youngest members of the family. It is so fun to see a stylish booster chair included at the "grownup's" table. What better way for a youngster to develop an appreciation for beautiful art and design?

Grant Gibson has a way of making everyone feel welcome and cared for. You know it as soon as you meet him, and you can see it in his design work. The Dining Room is the perfect room for him to have designed. It is a place where people gather together, share a meal and good conversation. It is a place that is welcoming and fun, just like Grant!

Mr. Grant Gibson!

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 The 2011 San Francisco Decorator Showcase is fantastic this year. It is open now and will be open through May 30.
 For more information on hours and tickets, please hop on over to their website 

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