Lunching with Creative Minds at Coup d'Etat

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of lunching with a bevy of creative souls at one of my favorite San Francisco Showrooms, Coup d'Etat and hosted by the indomitable Jeff Schlarb of the Interior Design firm Green Couch

I was a bit late getting to the event after navigating the bumper to bumper gridlock over the Bay Bridge. Getting to view the San Francisco skyline with the sea air floating through the sunroof....really, I could not complain. When I arrived, most of the attendees had already served themselves a delicious lunch of salads, beautiful fruits, chicken and corn  and were sitting at tables chatting and eating....waiting for the panel discussion to begin. So I followed suit and found myself a seat with minutes to spare.....

Jeff Schlarb of Green Couch
Jeff Schlarb was the moderator, and his enthusiasm is so infectious, I knew we were in for a good time. The panelists were selected to represent creative minds in architecture, design, art and dance. They included Stephen Sutro of Sutro Architects, fine artist Katina Huston, and Alonzo King of LINES Ballet. Amazing talents, all.

Stephen Sutro, Katina Huston and Alonzo King
I have to say, it was one of the most inspirational panels I have seen. It was especially interesting to hear how these three panelists each approached creativity in a different way, no doubt influenced by there respective disciplines. Jeff led them through a series of questions that unearthed their attitudes about tapping into their inner creative genius. I took lots of notes and was ready to share all of the intricate insights with you, but then I was lucky enough to receive a little recap of what we all got to experience. Jeff sent out a vimeo teaser which you all can see here:

SF Design Salon 2014 - Trailer from Green Couch Interior Design on Vimeo.

(Somehow, I unknowingly ended up in this video more than once. Clearly I have a habit of chewing my lip and nodding in agreement when listening intently..... Jeez.) But seriously, many thanks to the film Producer/Director/Editor, Hunter Preston Boucher. Nicely done!

 For the full presentation in four parts....hop on over HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

After being thoroughly inspired to return home and get going with my own creative process, I still needed to get my Coup d'Etat fix before leaving. It never fails to remind me why I am in this biz. I hope you enjoy a little design jolt to spark your imagination.......

Happy Monday!