Zhushing the Holidays

The Zhush styles things up for the Holidays
So....have any of you started shopping yet? I know many of you are very organized and might have your lists made and are just waiting to jump on the first Holiday Sale day of the year or perhaps you are one of those very organized people who shop throughout the year and have a locked closet whee you store things away for just the right moment. Me.....less so. I am usually down to the wire when it comes to the shopping aspect of Holiday cheer. Don't get me wrong....I do like to shop, but malls fill me with dread during this time of year. I tend to limit the mall experience to one day...a pretty full day....so I don't have to rush around. One that "Mall Day", we take our time.... drive to the mall that is farther away where there is more variety....we have lunch, we stroll along and enjoy the music and the "one day only" bustle, which I am sure irritates those who are trying to get by us to no end....(yes, we are "those" shoppers!)

But, I am all about online shopping during this time of year. I have given up buying clothes for my daughters. I never know sizes or the styles that are not too "last year". Books, music, technology, bits and pieces....that I can do...and all online! (One word of warning....in our neighborhood, there are those sneaky people who are following the delivery trucks around and Grinch-ing up people's packages off their front porches as soon as the delivery guys are out of sight. So take care!)

Well....really what I was going to ask you all is whether you see things you would like for yourselves in all of those mail order catalogs and online websites when you should really be looking for things for others? Okay...I am guilty as charged. But here is my rationale. Other people would like to know what to give me....so I just save them a step. I just saved someone a step the other day! Through the convoluted maze of blogging ( you know how one blog can lead you to another and another and so on?) I found myself on the Zhush blog. Always stylish, Zhush author, Sue, started up a little online shop which seems to have just the right little things for friends...and for me!

So I saw a little something. It was my first experience shopping on Zhush. I did not have any expectations. But it was no muss no fuss, good pricing, and I got my little gift for under the tree in a couple of days! As close to immediate gratification as a girl can expect online! And the package came all wrapped up in pretty purple tissue.....

So you are wondering....what did I get? Well, what doesn't look better with pretty much any outfit than a bit of Tortoise shell? I love the size of this cuff bracelet and have not seen anything quite like it elsewhere.....

It is going right under my tree....as soon as I get one.

So if you are making your lists, you might want to take a peek on Zhush. Fun and useful little items for pretty much everyone on that list!

Here a just a few of my favorites.....

Global Views Pebble Double Ball Vase, Stripes Throw, Two's Company Rope Handle PitcherTwo's Company Telangana Patterned Bone Boxes, Two's Company Tyrol Horn Cup with Silver RimTwo's Company Aspen Horn Spreaders Set of 4, Global Views Faceted VaseBen's Garden Vintage Paris Ticket Glass TrayStripes ThrowLinen Greek Key Throw, Arteriors Wood Pillar Candle Holders,  RabLabs Quadrado Spreader set of 2, Waylande Gregory Gold and Orange Small Square Elephant TrayGlobal Views Bronze Urchin Accent.
So now I am off to start my own lists. Where are you in the process?

Happy Hunting
 and Happy Holidays!!