CR Laine: Time to Refresh!

It has been a few weeks, but I still get a boost from looking at all of the photos I snapped while at High Point Market in April. One of the Showrooms I was taken with was CR Laine

Many of my blogger friends kept telling me that I had to meet Holly Blalock at CR Laine because she was just fantastic and a genius. I discovered that Holly is the VP of Marketing and Merchandising and everyone just kept saying she was so great, fun and I had to meet her.. I did not have an appointment to tour CR Laine, but.....well....I thought I would pop in and see if Holly was available.

My blogger friend, Meg Fairfax of Pigtown Design blog and my designer friend Lise Stubbs decided to just go on in and see what everyone was talking about. As luck would have it, just as we came in Holly was finishing up with a, yes,  I walked up and introduced myself. Holly was as warm and fantastic as everyone said. Her next tour group had just arrived, so I was going to say a quick goodbye to Holly and just tour the showroom with my gals......

But then the two people comprising the tour spoke up and invited us to join them. Introductions all around....and it turned out that we were going to tour CR Laine not only with Holly, but also with Lacey Howard, the Editor of the newest special publication from Better Homes and Gardens, Refresh! My day was made at that moment.

Four furniture styles here that I love: the Cromwell Wingback,  The Bradstreet Chair (love the black and white zigzag fabric!), the Hans Chair (so cool), and the Ellsworth Sofa.
We had so much fun chatting about all of the beautiful things at CR Laine, the creative vignettes that Holly brilliantly put together. We also talked about blogging and the new Refresh publication. As you can see there was much to "Ooo and Awww" over. CR Laine has a stellar collection of upholstered furniture from traditional to modern at great price points. There is an extensive selection of fabrics available on their website, and lots more information about finishes and other details that make each piece a custom creation.

It was inspiring to see the combinations of colors, textures, rugs and accessories that Holly brought together in all of the spaces. So many different examples of how CR Laine styles can be used....

I am so glad to have found a new resource that is beautiful, creative and well made! 

You might want to hop on over HERE to see how CR Laine was used throughout the recent Southern Living Idea House. So pretty!

Well, we wound up the tour with much inspiration to take home with us after a delicious lunch! It was so nice to discover new friends and new finds....something High Point Market offers in abundance.

Here is one of the new friends, Lacey Howard of Better Homes and Gardens....

Look for the Summer 2013 issue of Refresh on news stands now for lots of very do-able home projects and DIY adventure!