Design San Francisco 2013: Eric Cohler


Back from San Francisco and am totally re-energized with lots of design inspiration! I am just going to share in a chronological way....there was so much to see!

On our way to a couple of Showrooms to do some client shopping before attending some events, we lucked out when we passed by the Lee Jofa Showroom. I did not realize one of my favorite designers was signing his new book, Cohler On Design,  which coincidentally had been on my list to get my hands on. By happy happenstance, we saw him through the glass and made a beeline into the showroom to buy the book and get it signed! 
Eric Cohler is as charming and nice as I had pictured him in my mind. Great designers that make it to celebrity designer status like Eric all seem to have this in common: they all seem to be someone with whom you would love to be the best of friends.

Dubbed the "Mixmaster" Eric is one of those designers that has that seemingly effortless ability to mix styles, periods, high and low to create such interesting and beautiful spaces that are at the same time fresh and classic. As I said....he is one of my very favorites! 

Not only does Eric have an amazing book out, he also has a new line of fabrics with Lee Jofa, but of course!

I thought you might like a peek at what he has been up to for Lee Jofa. This video shows Eric's new Lodge Collection as it is being assembled in the New York D & D Building:  

Fantastic look!

Eric also describes his partnership with Lee Jofa in this next video, showing more of his work with his collection of fabrics, area rugs, and furniture.....


It was a wonderful start to a great day of design!

Next Up:  a look at a brilliant new line of fabrics that made its debut at the San Francisco Design Center this week!

 I can't wait to show you.