Elle Anticipation

Living Room of Ginnifer Goodwin, Photo by Hillary Walsh

The February issue of ELLE should be arrive any day now....any second. Yes, that's right....you do hear my foot tapping. I am sitting at my desk knowing it is time to get started with yearly chores like paying association dues, Business Tax Renewal Notices, Business insurance fees, and how can I forget ....it is tax season.

Is it any wonder I am sitting here daydreaming about Elle? After all....the coming issue will have a feature showing the house of Once Upon A Time's Ginnifer Goodwin's bungalow in LA. Ginnifer is also known for her roles on Big Love, Mona Lisa Smile and He's Just Not That Into YouShe is adorable, so it follows that her home would be too.

So let me know if you have gotten your issue yet and let me know if you think Ginnifer's home is worthy of her Snow White persona! The few photos I have seen appear to be spot on.