Shining Things Up

Every Year it seems I switch things up a little. I tend to move things around the house quite often in search of the perfect combination of bits, but I am never quite satisfied. So I make do and live with an idea or ideas for awhile. The Holidays allow for even more experimentation. Colors change from year to year.......... I have done the traditional green and red with greenery, apples, pomegranates and holly sprays. I have gone with citrus and greenery many times in the past, using lemons, oranges and limes. I love using Pomanders, oranges decorated with whole cloves.  I cannot get enough of the spicy smell this time of year. The common factor every year, though, is that I always use things I already have collected over the years. I rarely buy anything new except for the fresh stuff: garland, wreaths and, of course, the tree!

This year, we decided to get a smaller I have an enormous amount of left over ornaments. I thought it would be fun to use them atop my collection of mercury glass vases and candlestick holders. Last year I had an illuminated musical manuscript above the fireplace. The year before that was a seascape flea market find, but I have left the Andy Warhol silk screen in place this year and used vintage ornaments in pink, orange, green and gold. We have given Christmas Cacti to my mother for Christmas for many years and she has saved them all. When she came to live with us, she brought them along, and the pink one is in full bloom right now......such a lucky coincidence!

Even now, I have the urge to change things around a bit more. Perhaps some green candle instead of the white.....some wrapped presents instead of the basket of pine cones....always a work in progress. I will let you know if I change it up again!

Til then, I wish you all 

very warm wishes for a 
Happy Holiday Season!