Be Back Soon, but for now, Jan de Luz

Hello all!

I know posts have been spotty of late, but I am "out of town" at the moment. We are up in Vancouver, B.C. enjoying the beautiful city. I have never been here before and we are trying to fit everything into a couple of days: Granville Island, Stanley Park, lots of restaurants and the amazing Celebration of Light International Fireworks competition (we got to see Brazil's entry). Much more on all of this later!

After a restless night punctuated by the second fire alarm at our hotel which got us up at 3:45 AM ready to run down the 26 flights of stairs from our room this morning....quite the thrill in the middle of the night.....we are getting ready to head back to Seattle to play tourist again in another gorgeous city.

So for now, I leave you with images from the bit of Europe in the Carmel Valley from our last excursion..... Jan de Luz. It is place full of antique fountains, urns, fireplaces and chandeliers all brought back from France. For the full story on the who, what and why,,,,click on over HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Miss you all and be back soon!