Tropical Holidays

 Anyone for a Mai Tai? This Pool House bar is all set for a Tropical Holiday party with an exotic substitute for the expected Christmas tree. Wes Green, owner of Twiggs Floral Design created a South Pacific fantasy with orchids, Antherium and bamboo. He added paper lantern ornaments and little caned lantern lights and a couple of silk tassels completing one of the most imaginative displays  to be found at this year's Sacred Heart Holiday Home Tour. I love the packages wrapped in cherry blossom paper and topped with fortune cookies.      

The most eye catching element in this space had to be the caned wallpaper printed on a silvered background. It sort of gave the impression that the the building was open air, but it also added a bit of bling.....

So much fun....this space reminded me of the 50's with a sort of Mad Men meets tropical cocktail party vibe. Can you see it?......

On a cold and blustery day, it was nice to get the feeling of the tropics in my bones.

Are any of you planning to be in the tropics this holiday season? After all, more than half the world will be balmy in December. What is it you love about exotic locations during this time of year?

Happy Holidays!