Presentation Sketches - Marin Designer Showcase

Living Room by Suzanne Tucker of  Tucker & Marks

I have been working for the last several months getting ready for the opening of the Marin Designer Showcase. There are so many details to take care of...... it is a little like herding cats! I have done a few Showcase homes in the past, but this is the first time I am participating since opening my own studio. It is a different ball of wax when your name is on the project! 

I have been having so much fun working with all of the artisans who are lending their beautiful furnishings and art to make it all happen. I thought it would be fun to take you through some of the process from the beginning.

Family Room by David Kensington

Back May of this year, I was invited to a designer walk through at a construction site on the tip of Belvedere Island. The invitation was addressed to designers that had an interest in participating in the Marin Designer Showcase. I did not know what to expect....what the house was going to look like, what other designers were attending. I drove out on a beautiful day and was captivated by the views from the building site. Construction was well under way, and I met the event coordinators from the Center for Volunteer and Non profit Leadership, as well as the owner of the property. A group of designers toured the site and asked questions regarding designer parameters, different rooms, etc.

Guest Suite I by Katie Denham Interiors (me!)
 After the tour, I headed home with much to digest. I needed to decide if I was going to throw my hat in the ring. And if so, which room would I bid for? I decided to go for it and try for one of the larger bedrooms. But first, I wanted to talk it over with some of the vendors and craftspeople I work with. Would they be interested in participating to make furnishings for the room and provide art, rugs, lighting and accessories? And what could I afford to do? The answers came back that YES, they were interested and YES I should move forward with a bid.
Guest Suite II by Alison Wilson and Catherine Coy of Sunrise Home

So....the first step was to create a design for the bedroom I wanted to do. I spent some time thinking about the location and the feeling of the house. There were about 100 designers that were interested in participating, but only about 35 rooms available. What could I provide that others couldn't in terms of creativity. What could set me apart? I feel that custom furniture, a unique custom area rug and bedding would be important. I would be providing design elements that no one else would have. And then there was the art. It had to be unique and make a statement.

Suite II by Linda Donnelly 
Then, how to communicate my design? The most important thing in being able to sell a concept is being able to help the client visualize a space....and that means a sketch. Whether it is hand drawn or produced by computer graphics, it is the most efficient way to get the vision across.

The presentation which I had put together was clear enough to illustrate my design concept, and I was chosen to be one of the designers for the Showcase! I was thrilled and nervous, both! Next came the real work....the drafting of furniture designs, the selection of exact paint colors, the refinement of area rug yarn colors and textures, and the procurement of everything....the race had begun.

Suite III by Robin Barnato of  Studio Home Designs
I thought you might like to see some of the incredible sketches from some of the designers for the Marin Designer Showcase. There were so many great ones, I had to narrow it down a bit. I am very excited to see the final results and how they compare to the sketches. I know that my own sketch reflects much of what will be happening, but there have been some changes along the way that I am excited about!

Suite IV by  Kriste Miclelini Interiors 
I am interested to know what you all you like the artistry of a hand drawn sketch, or do you prefer the precise computer generated representations? I am drawn to the artistry of the sketch, perhaps because I so appreciate the sketches I have seen from design masters like Mark Hampton, but I also think that the computer models get the job done in ways that sketches might not. Computers can show virtual tours through a space, not such a bad tool to have in the tool belt.

What are your thoughts?

I hope you all have the opportunity to visit the Showcase and see how the reality compares to the design sketches!

For all the info for this years Marin Designer Showcase, click on over HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!