Freshening Up

It is so nice to come in to my office now that I have a new slipcover for this old wingback chair. I have had this chair ever since my kids were little. I found it at a yard sale for $25 probably 15 years ago. Back then, we were just starting our family. We had just bought our first house and the kids were so young. I made a slipcover myself....not knowing what I was doing at all. I used regular thread.... the kind you would use for clothing. I did not know that I needed upholstery thread! The slipcover did not hold up all that well as you can imagine. But we had always made do with the chair....but recently, I just could not look at it another minute! It was threadbare and stained after so many washings I cannot count. It was time.

So here she is....with a plumped up seat cushion and a very simple white denim slip. I am trying to decide whether to paint the legs white or leave them black....and whether to leave on the arm covers, or leave them off. Photo ready and real life are very different after all.