Little Things

 Sometimes little things will change a day from ordinary to beautiful and sweet. 

Thinning out branches from a rose bush turned into a lovely display on our Living Room table. It has been there for days. The roses have faded, but the branch remains green. I look at it and smile a bit every day.

Having my daughter home for the summer from college has been wonderful in many little ways.....I forgot how much I missed her talents as a pastry chef. My sweet tooth has been sated with German Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Strawberry Short Cake and Cherry Pie. 

A hot summer drive to a new client's home turned into a cool visit with a flock of ducks who were  napping on the road next to a still and quiet pond.....a little resting place for a busy mind.

Another year lived well. 

I hope you are finding some joy in the little things today!