Eye Catchers at the Sacramento Antique Faire

 Last Sunday was the Second Sunday of the month.......meaning that the Sacramento Antique Faire was in full seasonal swing! The weather has taken a turn from rain to bright sunshine, and the Faire was full of people and good stuff!

I am not really in the market for myself, but I never fail to find a few things I cannot walk away from. Here are a couple of things that, for the price, were "must haves". I found a great basket woven from hemp for $10, and a "reverse Cheetah" hide pillow...also $10. I need to get a new down filler, but the pillow cover is in perfect shape! Hide on one side and dark brown velvet on the back.

 I also found a little bottle from Spain to add to my wicker bottle collection ($4!). Very cute.

There were a few other things I was contemplating, and in retrospect wished I had gotten....

 A little hex accent table with a Moroccan flavor was in really good shape. It could have been painted a fun color and gone almost anywhere.

This Earthenware urn was plenty big enough to be used as an umbrella stand. I loved the metal handles.

 It looks like this sign may have hung in a room for someone named "Julie"? Fun graphic wall decor for a child's room!

A steer head....almost had a fossilized quality about it. The horns were like driftwood.

One vendor had great bottles and baskets all from Europe.

One never knows when a little Snake Bite juice might come in handy. Hehe...

It was a great day of hunting on a beautiful Summer day!