Land Park Garden Tour - Highlights

 The Land Park Garden Tour was full of beautiful gardens besides the one that I staged . I captured some of the highlights for you!

I had no idea that this Moroccan inspired oasis could be found mere blocks from my own home. I felt like I had a mini vacation without even leaving my own neck of the woods. The owner of this garden collected all of the furnishings from ebay, antique fairs and discount locations around the city. He built much of the garden elements himself, like the bar,  sofa platform and wall niches.

Honestly, I could have spent the rest of the day right here.

I loved the covered patio seating area with all of the exotic pillows

In the back corner of the garden was this lounge area, perfect for dreaming about the Arabian Knights

The outdoor kitchen had beautiful tile work, and there were beer taps built right in!
If you look closely, you can see there is a little stream that starts at the end of the bar and runs around the edge into little fountain at the other end. This would help keep anyone cool during our hot Sacramento Summer evenings. 
Every possible area in this garden was thought out and utilized for art or a place to sit a spell. Perfect for parties, and I bet the home owners enjoy many of them!

 Another garden on the tour was enhanced by Event Planner and designer, Cara Crowley. She imagined a birthday celebration with a Mary Poppins theme complete with chalk to draw those imaginary lands on the sidewalk, umbrellas for flying through the air, and of course, a spoon full of sugar! 

 Beautiful flowers, and perfect table settings! I think having a party planned by Cara would be "practically perfect in every way!"

 This next garden was a multi-layered beauty with a pool area with pergola.....

 terraced planting beds.....

 which led down to a shady lawn area where Cara Crowley staged another space. This time, Cara conjured up a wedding theme all about George Eliot. The lilacs and the strawberry pots were on my mind for the rest of the day!

The last house on the tour featured an art installation by Danny Scheible. Danny is known for his tape art....objects and sculptures made out of various kinds of tape, a technique known as "Tapigami". In this installation, Danny took wire coat hangers and covered them in a rainbow of fabrics and hanging them throughout the yard in a riotous display.

At the table in this garden, Danny created tape flowers and a cherry blossom chandelier to compliment the Japanese theme. 

This hanging installation  reminded me of huge flowering wisteria hanging from this arbor.

In the front yard, turquoise, sky blue, and royal blue banners blow in the breeze....

The tour is over for this year, but perhaps I will see you next year?

Upcoming...more from the Curtis Park Home Tour