Visual Acoustics

The film was presented at the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum
Last week, I had the great pleasure of viewing Visual Acoustics, a film which commemorates the life and works of the world's greatest architectural photographer, Julius Schulman. The event took place at the new Crocker Art Museum, just another treat in the whole evening, and was organized by AIA Central Valley and SacMod.

 Here is a sampling of what you can expect from the film:

 Perhaps the best part of evening (other than the brilliant film itself)  was that the director of the award winning documentary, Eric Bricker,  was in attendance to introduce the film and answer questions.  Very hard to believe this was his first film. Very hard.

Director of Visual Acoustics, Eric Bricker, signing DVD's of the film for all of us fans
For those of you who may not have had a chance to see the film, I highly encourage you not to wait any longer! Not only is it full of the amazing architectural images shot by Julius Schulman, you will find the story of his life fascinating. Mr. Schulman had an exuberant zest for life and a very fetching sense of humor. Perhaps it was this humor that accelerated his connection to so many creative people, all of whom loved and respected him so much. Even if Modern architecture is not your "thing", you will be captivated by this film, and by the larger than life persona of Julius Schulman.

The construction of the film was also so very well done. Mr. Bricker utilized fantastic animation as a  segue between parts of the film in such a creative way...loved it.

For all of the information about upcoming screenings and everything else about the film, you can find it all on the Visual Acoustics website HERE.

If you would like to have a timeless publication of the amazing life of Julius Schulman, you may want to check out Taschen's 2007 publication: Julius Schulman, Modernism Rediscovered, 3 Vol.

And for more about the event at the Crocker hosted by AIA Central Valley and SacMod, check out SacMod's blog post HERE! (You may even find an urge to join SacMod!)