Getting Cubed in Laguna, California

Green Cube Store in Laguna Beach emphasizes re-use and sustainability, all done with creativity and an edgy beauty. 
 As you know, we just got back from a So Cal Spring Break. We stayed in Laguna Beach, one of my favorite places in California....gorgeous beaches, beautiful hills, great shopping and restaurants, home of the Pageant of the Masters (which we may be heading back to see this summer!) is a perfect place to get away.

We fit a lot into this little break, and shopping was high on my list! Tim was very indulgent because he had a day of golf with the guys while my daughter and I went to Disneyland the first day we got to town. The next day we hit Laguna to do a little shopping, since the weather was not as warm for the beach as we had hoped. 

 There are lots of great shops for fashion in Laguna, (and my daughter was happy as a clam to find one boutique where everything was $15 or less.)

 And then I found "my" shop......actually Tim found it while my teen and I were in "her" shop. Tim was wandering a bit while the teen was trying on outfit after outfit. He came in to find us, and said..." I think you are going to like the next one". So of course, I hustle the teen along so I can get on down the street.

Then we stepped into the Green Cube.....Tim knows me so well...

What can I say about the Green Cube? I can't say enough! It is innovative and edgy, creative and beautiful. It has a bit of everything I, lighting, decor....but it also has fashion.....and shoes! Even better, the focus of Green Cube is what you might imagine, given the name....there is an emphasis on sustainability. Everything for the shop is selected by the very beautiful and stylish owner, Sanja Simidzija. I was captivated.

 I ended up in a long conversation with Sanja's husband, who was manning the fort while Sanja was next door in their second gallery, Art Cube.....hold on....there is a SECOND gallery?

 I was already so intrigued with Green Cube and its collection of creative rustic modern decor and distinctive fashion, it was hard to tear myself away to go next door.

But I was told that Sanja could be found in her art gallery, so I had to go meet the creative soul behind both Green Cube and Art Cube....

Art Cube Gallery
 I stepped into the Art Cube Gallery and it was like stepping into a cloud with it's white walls and floors. It was a perfect backdrop for the collection inside. Described as a place to find "breathing room for the spirit", one can certainly breath in the talent in this space.

 Sanja has curated a fantastic group of cutting edge contemporary artists, whom I have already bookmarked into my files for future projects! Be sure to check out the Art Cube website HERE for information on all of the artists

 Finding Green Cube and Art Cube was a lovely way to spend a cool and foggy morning, and having the opportunity to meet the charming and handsome owners was the icing on the cake.

 On you next trip to So Cal, do stop in and say hello to Sanja. Green Cube and Art Cube are located in the heart of town on Forest Ave. 

The lovely Sanja Simidzija, proprietress of Green Cube and Art Cube
You will find them, the galleries and the owners, a breath of fresh air.