South of Market Challenge

South of Market Challenge, My Entry
 If you have not yet heard of the design Mecca that is South of Market, I am thinking it is about time you should. South of Market is the brain child of Kay Douglass who ten years ago opened her first location in Atlanta to house her finds. Kay hunts far and wide for unique objects, antiques, upholstery which happen to work into any design style.

Recently, South of Market challenged us bloggers to furnish a room with anything we chose from the website. To show the breadth of style South of Market encompasses, I am looking forward to seeing all of the entries!
 I had a great time imagining a room in a house on the coast of France, perhaps Saint Tropez, when I put my "picks" together.

To all of you bloggers who have not yet had a chance to show your stuff ( ...that would be South of Market stuff!) hop to it! TODAY, February 10, IS THE LAST DAY FOR ENTRIES!!!!

And for everyone else, sit back and enjoy the beauty.