Daytripping: St. Helena in the Napa Valley

Vintage Home in St. Helena      

 Living in Northern California allows for a depth of experience I sometimes take for granted. I live in Sacramento, a city with more trees in the downtown and midtown areas than any other city in the nation. It encourages an abundance of sidewalk cafes  and fosters those human connections recently discussed on Oprah that promote happiness. It is a cozy, yet vibrant place to live.

And then there are the Sierra Nevada mountains, home to Lake Tahoe and more  world class skiing than anyone could ever need. San Francisco is a daily commute for some, and the dramatic California coast is less than two hours away. We have the Amador wine country in the Sierra foothills to the East and the lush Napa Valley to the West.

Daytripping is easy and rewarding...and something I can't get enough of. I mentioned last week a day trip with my daughters to the Napa Valley, and St. Helena was on our itinerary.

One of my favorite stops is Vintage Home. A home goods store packed with style, Vintage Home always make me yearn for my own little cottage in the valley where I could cook and have friends share a bit of wine and a round of boche ball. 

Caldwell Snyder Gallery, St. Helena
 Caldwell Snyder is a contemporary art gallery on the main street that is always fun to wander through. They have a sister gallery in San Francisco, and they are both fabulous! If you are looking for a Valentine's weekend getaway and are considering the wine country, Caldwell Snyder is hosting what will be a very fun event on Feb. 12 called Cameo Rocks. Wine, Cocktails, and other sweet treats! Check out more about the gallery HERE and more details about the event benefiting the Cameo Cinema Community Arts HERE.  
Martin Showroom, St. Helena
 I never pass through St. Helena with out stopping by designer Erin Martin's atelier. Always full of vigorous creativity and wit, it never fails to inspire me. You may remember her contribution to the Elle Decor Showhouse HERE. More info about Erin's Showroom HERE
Olivier, St. Helena
 Are you a lover of food, and by definition, that would include anything made or dipped in olive oil? Then a little hop into Olivier would be a must. Charming and friendly, this shop has olive oil tastings that are to die for. Never miss it when passing through....just a suggestion.

Olivier photo from Olivier website

After all that shopping, we were hungry!! We stopped in at the Market Restaurant for a little brunch.
Market Restaurant, St. Helena

Orange infused waffles with berry compote and chicken apple sausages is what I had.....mmmmmm! I was just checking the menu today and it has already been changed (I love a change-able menu!!). Now it is Banana Bread French Toast with Fruit Compote and Applewood Smoked Bacon....does that sound delicious, or what? Check out the brunch menu HERE.
Orange Waffles at the Market Restaurant
No trip to St. Helena ends without a stop in at Dean and Deluca as we head for home. We have a need to take a little of the flavors back home with us. In this case, we brought home cookies and a beautiful aged jack cheese. We told my husband, Tim that they were gifts for him. Just a little white lie.....he did get to have some.
Goodies at Dean and Deluca
 A day with my girls is something I treasure, and this particular day was perfect. 
I hope you get out and spend a day with someone special....maybe it'll be right here in Napa Valley.

For more information about picturesque St. Helena hop on over HERE

Happy Day to you!