The Holidays are Here, and so is Rustic Elegance

If there is one thing I always associate with the Holiday Season, it has to be snow. And why not? The Holidays are smack in the middle of snow season, at least up here north of the 40th parallel. 'Tis the Season for swooshing down the mountains on skis, or boards...whatever works for you. Whatever you choose, there is always the anticipation of a warm fire and a mug of something hot waiting at the end of the day.

When I received a copy of the new book, Rustic Elegance, written and photographed by Ralph Kylloe, I knew I was in for an armchair getaway to some of the most perfect Winter settings in North America. And what perfect timing! I could curl up in front of my own fireplace, Chai Latte in hand and dream a little snowbound dream.
Rustic Elegance is a collection of beautiful log cabins, all creations of Larry Pearson AIA, set in gorgeous country in states ranging from Montana and Wyoming to Colorado and California, and everywhere with snow in between. Larry Pearson has been recognized a a leader in rustic design for some time. Small wonder when one first sees the almost fairytale character (when I say "fairytale, I am talking Tolkien's splendor) of the log cabins...and when one ventures inside to stone fireplaces blazing, candles burning, and cozy down comforters calling.

What I liked about this beautifully put together book, besides the obvious full bleed gorgeous photography and heft of the 12"x11" 256 pg. thing, was the way the chapters were organized. Each chapter shows a different house, inside and out, every room including kitchens and baths. It is full of wonderful ideas ....for example, built-in bunks are a popular way to bring in more guests to share the fun.
If you are looking for a perfect armchair travel book for that mountain loving friend or family member, Rustic Elegance would be the one. Who knows, it might even inspire them to get out of that armchair and hit the slopes! Or at least don a pair of snowshoes and a backpack full of cheese, bread and a bottle of wine. It all sounds good.
All photographs from Rustic Elegance, written and photographed by Ralph Kylloe. Reprinted with permission of Gibbs Smith 

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