New Book: Peter Pennoyer Architects

Come right in! the new book by Vendome Press, Peter Pennoyer Architects. Hidden door in the House on Penobscot Bay, photo by Jonathan Wallen
When asked recently if I would like a copy of the new book Peter Pennoyer Architects to review, I responded in less than a second, "YOU BET!". I am a huge proponent of traditional architecture that responds to local historical vernaculars. Perhaps that is why I find myself living in a home built in 1911. When I learned that Peter Pennoyer and his architectural team which includes co-author Ann Walker had put together a book, I was thrilled. Before the book came, I was anticipating holding this beautiful volume curled up on the sofa with a fire in the fireplace, a cup of chai tea close at hand. The cover of the book sets the scene with a view of Drumlin Hall which sits atop miniature rolling hills (known as "drumlins" formed by glacial deposits!)surrounded by beautiful Fall Color and located in Duchess County in the Hudson Valley.

Book Cover, Drumlin Hall, photo by Jonathan Wallen

When the book arrived, it was everything I had hoped. Before you even get to the title page, there are stunning two page full bleed photographs of graceful interiors, awe inspiring stairwells and shingle style country homes gracing the pages. Next, a forward by Robert Stern, one of my personal architectural heroes. Robert Stern talks about how Peter Pennoyer was a student of his at Columbia University, as well as an intern and designer in Stern's fledgling office later on. You can clearly see Stern's influence in Pennoyer's work.
House on Penobscot Bay, photo by Jonathan Wallen

Peter Pennoyer has been a leader in advocating for the relevance of classical architecture in today's world. He is the chairman of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America, and has  developed his devotion to tradition over a lengthy and notable career.

Just one of the many staircases to be found in this book. The Penobscot Bay House. Photo by Jonathan Wallen

This book features twenty projects ranging from New York Apartments to Townhouses, to Country Homes across the country. You will see a grand Park Avenue apartment, San Francisco and Lenox Hill Townhouses, and homes on the beach, on Penobscot Bay, in the Adirondacks in the Saint Lucia Mountain Range and the Hudson Bay area. You will also find the beautiful architectural renderings of the homes done in a style reminiscent of historical American folk art, as well as architectural plans of the homes. 

Adirondack Camp, photo by Jonathan Wallen
Beaux Arts Town House Staircase, Photo by Jonathen Wallen
The wonderful thing about this book is not only the breadth of work, but the collaborative efforts between architects and designers such as Alexandra Stoddard, Katie Ridder, Victoria Hagan, Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper and Co., Eric Cohler, Paul Wiseman and Thomas Jayne (just to name a few!). There are as many, if not more, beautiful interiors as there are architectural masterpieces to be seen.
There is also a venerable cast of architects working on the projects: Gregory Gillmartin, the Director of Design at Peter Pennoyer Architects, is just one of many. There are renovations of homes originally designed by C.H.P Gilbert, York and Sawyer and more.
Fifth Avenue Triplex View, Photo by Scott Francis
I have only just started to delve into this book (I am still in the midst of the Townhouses section), and it is the companion on my nightstand, but I can tell you the introduction by Robert Stern and the writing style of Anne Walker makes for great reading. The book is in sections titled: Apartments, Townhouses and Country Houses. I must admit, I have been grazing through all of the sections...but am trying to stay focused. It is difficult what with all of the gorgeous photos blazing off every page! 

Park Avenue Apartment, Photo by Chrisopher Mason

Keep in mind, these are but a few of the images awaiting. There are over 200 pages to look forward to. There is also a very handy summary of projects and credits at the back of the book.

So without further ado, I leave you to this feast for the eyes.
San Francisco House, Photo by Scott Francis
East River Apartment, Photo by Scott Francis

Upper East Side Town House Kitchen, Photo by Eric Piasecki
Park Avenue Apartment Kitchen, Photo by Christopher Mason 

East Side Duplex Kitchen, photo by Scott Francis
You can  hop on over to see another review of Peter Pennoyer Architects by Stefan Hurray of Architectdesign Blog HERE. (BTW....Stefan was just named one of Fox News top ten design blogs....Congrats Stefan!!)

Truly a wonderful addition to any library, design or otherwise, I highly recommend Peter Pennoyer Architects. I am off to the fire lit couch to keep reading now....

(Many thanks to Vendome Press for the copy of this book!)