Davis in Davis

House Exterior
I have a good friend who is a designer....which is only natural as we have a lot in common. We can talk design, love going to home tours, antique shops, furniture shops. When we go to the movies, we always notice the sets. When we drive we notice the architecture around us. We can ask each other's advice on our own homes. Perhaps you have friends like this?

Well...my friend Leanne Davis, recently worked with a client in the town of Davis, home of UC Davis, which is about a 20 minute drive from Sacramento. Her client, David Rocke (a Distinguished Professor at UCD), was so happy with the results, he graciously hosted a house warming party for friends and neighbors about week ago. Leanne and I drove over a bit early so I could snap a few pictures.
Living Room
 The house is newly built by Eric Roe of Red Door Building Company (ericroe@comcast.net). The style is a contemporary take on a South Western home.

Leanne took this cue from the desert and created a soft desert palette of sand, pale turquoisese, rust and other sunset colors.

Dining Room

 Leanne found some wonderful woven leather topped metal tables by Kolkka for the Family Room which she put together with leather arm chairs creating a warm and cozy space. I love the rusty red color on the walls!

Family Room

Family Room Detail

 Leanne designed a custom bedspread for the Master Bedroom in a rust tinted brown and silver stripe. The mirror also picked up on the silver we typically associate with desert jewelry.
Master Bedroom
 Leanne specializes in color consulting and shopping at retail sources with clients for furniture and accessories. You may even recognize some of those sources here: Crate and Barrel, and West Elm (a couple of my favorites!)
Leanne Davis and David Rocke
      David was a wonderful host and Leanne helped provide a beautiful environment for the house warming party. It was only seconds later that everyone arrived, and we all ate, drank and made merry. And of course everyone toasted the host and designer!

House Warming Party, food...delicious, guests...lovely!
If you are interested in homes in the Davis area, look up Realtor Claire Black Slotten. She was the realtor in this case and knows Davis like the back of her hand.

So, that is my tale of Davis in Davis. I think Leanne will be doing more work here very soon.

(To contact Leanne, you can email her at l_davis_916@yahoo.com)