San Diego: Lost in the Wonderland of The Urban Seed

The Front "Foyer" held a grand concrete table with a truly monumental bouquet of daisies which melded into the iron chandelier which was probably 5 feet in diameter.
I have a habit of losing my family when we are exploring. We were visiting San Diego's Old Town in a fun shop selling pretty trinkets and I was buying one of those hooded striped blanket type sweatshirts from Mexico, I turn around, and the family unit had disappeared.
The Urban Seed has beautiful sunburst mirrors. The sconces were beautiful! Note the great lamps and tin lanterns.
Well...they had to be somewhere, so I wander out looking for them and stumble upon The Urban Seed. I immediately forgot all about the family....I had found my "spot" in Old Town.
International flair, with the French style bench, Moroccan table, tropical bamboo chair, Spanish style candlestick holders, Mexican Tin Mirror.
The Urban Seed is a cacophony of garden delights and imported treasures carefully cultivated by, Maurice Taitano and Michael Bliss, husband and wife team. Maurice (wife) was in the shop when I walked in and we hit it off right away. Kindred spirits, we. She graciously led me through her little plot of Heaven while I kept stopping to take picture after picture. She had the patience of a saint.
French Armoire, Red Lacquer Bamboo Chair
There is a charming collection of rooms here, each with its own flavor. The overall feel is of the historic influence of European colonization of Mexico. Full of sunburst mirrors, lanterns and twig adorned chandeliers, antiques, garden elements, unique and perfect accessories and gifts. The Urban Seed could have held my attention all day.
Rustic Wood Settee, Gilt Sunburst Mirror, Planted Urns, Moroccan Lantern create an inviting vignette.

I was a little bit under a spell I think. Are you?
Blue Wire,Chandelier, Limed Gate leg Table, with all of the surrounding garden elements, charming!!
I glanced at my watch and realized I had abandoned my family, who by now was surely worried. I said my goodbyes to Maurice and rushed back to reality.
Pedestal Table with modern vase....great contrast! Loved the small paintings on the shelves.
But I was sad to go. I will have my pictures to remind me to return very soon.

Beautiful hand made beads hanging from bare tree branches. Glass Bowls of botanical matchbooks. Gorgeous mosaic table.

Huge mirrored sconces, metal star lantern and wire sphere.

Lots of succulents, cactus and beautiful garden elements. Great twig table!


This is the Seed Room. Maurice and Michael are continuing to sell vegetable and flower seeds in the footsteps of Charles Ledgerwood who started the company known as "Reliable Seed" in this same location. These are the original seed bins. Click here for the full story!
And here is the lovely Maurice. She and her husband Michael design gardens as well. Be sure to check out their website HERE.
Thank you Maurice for the wonderful tour! I will be back soon.
My family was indeed beginning to worry, so I am glad I finally found them in the Mexican Tile shop across the courtyard. It was time for a Pina Colada and Guacamole....and our next adventure.