Are You a Wallpaper Person?

Ecuador Wallpaper and Fabric, Carole Fabric at End of Bed
I must admit, I don't immediately gravitate to wallpaper when I am hatching out a design plan. But when I saw this newest collection from Thibaut, this tiger may just change her stripes. The collection is titled Avalon, the island of Arthurian lore which, as fable has it, was able to produce fruits and flora at it's own whim.

This collection seems to take up the banner of Avalon, showing us a garden of vibrant color and bold flowering pattern.

Waterbury Fabric
Lucky for us, Thibaut also provides beautiful fabrics that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I especially like the Marathon fabric on the stool in this bathroom:

Candice Wallpaper and Marathon Fabric
And the Carole Pattern on the hallway settee (also in the first photo in pink and orange), a bit reminiscent of of David Hicks:

Hana Wallpaper and Carole Fabric
I don't think I would have thought to use this next wallpaper, but I really like it in this bathroom with the weathered wood vanity and Kelly green accents. (Not so sure about the pristine white wainscoting in this shot, but that is beside the point).

Butterfly Garden Wallpaper
I love the combination of elements in this next room (driftwood, white wicker) and I especially like the wallpaper! The room would not be as interesting without it.

Island Ikat Wallpaper and Marathon Fabric
There are so many more in the new Avalon collection. I hope you have a chance to check it out HERE.

There are a few other new collections as well. The Shangri-La collection is aptly named putting out such exotic patterns like these:

Ivanka Wallpaper and Devon Fabric
Kirkwood Wallpaper and Anafi Chair Fabric
Kirkwood Wallpaper and Malay Ikat Fabric
From the new Damask collection:

Antoine Trellis Wallpaper
Positano Wallpaper
And from the new Texture Resource: 
Greater Gator Wallpaper

Banyan Basket Wallpaper
Thibaut has convinced me. Someone is doing their job there. Not only do they have great product, but their website is very easy to navigate, there are easily downloadable wallpaper images ( the easier to use for a client presentation), but best of all, the beautiful room vignettes give fantastic ideas about how to use the products.
I'm sold. What about you?