Blog Love: Dining and Decor

Photo by Mrs. B of Dining and Decor

This blogging world never ceases to amaze. I received an email last week announcing a new blog venture. This happens every now and again. many times the emails are from commercial blogs that are requesting a link. Sometimes, however, I receive an email that makes me smile and clap my hands while a little squeal in my head is saying "YAY!!!"

This is one of those times!

Allow me to introduce you to Mrs. B of Dining and Decor. Mrs. B and I have been online "design" friends for awhile now, ever since collaborating on the decor of her home through my e-decorating service, kdspace.

Mrs. B sent me an email letting me know she was taking the plunge and starting a new blog, so I clicked on over right away! I am so impressed I cannot fully describe it. Mrs. B has skills with a camera I could only hope to achieve....and believe me, I have already bent her ear on what camera she uses. Her eye is immaculate....and her subject you can see by the photo above....delicious! Mrs. B will be delighting us with sumptuous treats and beautiful design, so if you love food and decor....hop on over and introduce yourself and say "welcome"!

You will NOT be disappointed!

Have a Happy Weekend!

(p.s. - my computer urgently requested a little R and R today.....I had no choice but to oblige. After all, she has been slaving away 24-7 for quite awhile. She should be refreshed and ready to meet the day again sometime next week....Tuesday I am hoping!)