Santa Cruz: Stripe

Stripe Sign made with Antique Keys above the Cash Desk

Santa Cruz has a lot to offer in the way of shopping, and I think it will take a few more trips before I have exhausted the possibilities. I think I may have lucked into finding one of the best last weekend. Stripe drew my attention right off the bat with their witty window display of vintage globes and player piano reels which had been unrolled and draped over an old ladder.

Stripe is a place with a little of everything I love: fashion, vintage finds, creative decor, art and gifts. Here is just a little peek into Stripe:

Cute clothes, vintage furniture and dishes, fun porcelain egg crate cache dishes

Black and White Photos, Vintage cups and Saucers and a peek into the "Bath Shop"

Hummingbird Pillows and 6 dollar scarves!

Train Track Wall "Art" and birds on swings
Now I know what to do with the boxes of Lionel Train Tracks I have been storing from my Dad's vast collection.

Romantic vintage style lingerie

Loved the display stand! Vintage Dining Set and Stripe has Men's clothes too!

Decor, Cards and Lamps throughout the shop

Tea Cup Pendant Light

Vintage Children's Toys. Very cute Children's Clothes. Loved the Slide used for display.

The Bath Shop with Soaps, Bath Rugs and Pretty Night Gowns
Stripe supports local artisans and designers, and in July, Stripe launched their own label for clothing and other products all made in Santa Cruz. All the more reason to hit the Santa Cruz coast!
For the latest Stripe News, click on over HERE.
Happy Shopping!