Happy Wet Dogs and Other Sightings

Happy Wet Dogs, Crescent Beach

My family and I traveled to Oregon for Spring Break. I know.... most people flee to warmer climes...Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean. But we had other things in mind. Things that involved dogs and lots of running. After all...they were sorely in need of a vacation from all of the sleeping, digging, eating and sleeping.
Here are a few things we discovered on our adventures:

Rippling Sand with a Mirror-like Finish

Freedom...however brief

Strange and Wonderful Creatures

Ethereal Herds

Rain Forest Cascades

Moss Gathering Stones

Paths Less Traveled

Blooms in the Gloom

Loftier Heights

Solitary Thoughts

River Sprites

Greener Ideas

Lazy Grazers

Wild Beasts

Crystal Crags

And......Misty Mysteries