The Sophisticated and Fun Mr. Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers Home

I was recently at an event in San Francisco and had the pleasure of catching up with the extraordinary Interior Designer, Jay Jeffers. Mega-talented, charming, fun, and handsome...what more could one ask for in a designer?

See? The talented Mr. Jeffers in his office space.

Jay recently did a bit of a revamping of his own home as well as his fabulous office spaces. His home project started with a kitchen spiffing, and one thing just led to another....

Jay Jeffer's Kitchen

Jay's kitchen now sports coral painted glass in the upper cabinet doors, a very smart plaid back splash tile pattern, putty painted cabinets ( I love when a color is sort of undefinable), and a playful brass lantern over the island. A great mix...and that is just what Jay is known for: his crazy ability to mix things up in innovative, fun ways.

Jay's Living Room. I remember the fab rug from a recent Showhouse I think! And that view!!

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jay a little bit better through a bit of a Proustian interview. Hope you enjoy:

Jay, your projects are all so varied and unique. Where and how do you begin the process of conceptualizing your designs for your clients?

The first step is always connecting with the client - learning about preferences and lifestyle - do they entertain often, are there young kids in the house, etc. We always ask clients to go though magazines and pull examples of what they like and more importantly, things they don't like. It's the best exercise. My team and I always try not to repeat, so after we have the client's taste in mind, it's up to us to come up with new ideas for them.

Jay's Dining Room

What/who inspires you in your work, your "design icons" if you will?

Paris, New York City, David Hicks, Suzanne Tucker, Albert Hadley.

How has your aesthetic evolved since your early design days?

Hmm. Good question. In the early days, I worked with clients with smaller budgets, so we often masked that with bold gestures like painting big squares of color on the walls or using really bold fabrics. Today I think I have evolved into more timeless design - a sense of permanence in a space. We certainly use more antiques than I did early on, which really brings soul to a space.

Dining Room

Describe your "perfect client".

Fun and interested in the process, and who also trusts our judgement as designers. A big budget doesn't hurt (I'm just sayin').

How would you describe your own personal style?

Masculine, edited, collected, evolving. Madmen with a twist. My favorite outfit: The perfect white shirt by Kitune, a great tailored pair of khakis by Spurr, a Thom Browne navy blazer, Bottega Veneta vans, vintage Torneau watch. Done. (I'm really not a label whore, but I love well made pieces).

Jay's Bedroom

What are you working on now?

I'm excited about our projects in the Bay Area - a wonderful estate in Woodside, a great home for a young family in Hillsborough, a stately home in Pacific Heights, and a great house for a young bachelor. All are a little different in feel, which means my job is never boring!

What is happening next?

An office in New York City??

The offices of Jeffers Design Group, San Francisco. What a great space to be inspired by every day!

Describe a typical day in the life of Jay Jeffers.

I'm a morning person, so 5:30 or 6 AM is the norm. I see my trainer or go for a run, eat breakfast and head to the office. From there, any or all of the following: concepts for a new project, meet with design team to review progress on current projects, visit vendors to review custom pieces, a committee meeting for the Fall Antiques Show or Private Collections Spring Art Tour, a meeting for Enterprise for High School Students non profit, a photo shoot for a recent project, a client presentation, a site meeting to review construction with an architect or contractor, Lunch, check email, meeting with my CPA, a vendor, presentation in the studio, review pricing for an order ready to go to a client, afternoon chocolate fix (thank God my team is made up almost entirely of chocoholics and we have a bowl of M&M's downstairs), a final email check, dinner with friends or a design event in the evening, home, sweats, dog in my lap and the first half of Project Runway ( I always fall asleep before it's over). ZZZZZ...

Office Lounge

What color are you and why?

Green. Not because I'm envious (well maybe a little). Because it is alive, vibrant, serious and smart, all depending on what shade you use.

What is on your nightstand?

A photo of my 40th birthday dinner, a Murano glass lamp with a custom shade, a beautiful music box given to me by my incredibly talented Senior Designer Kelly Hohla, Vanity Fair (love!), ear plugs (because last Spring, a bird outside our back yard decided that morning for him was 3:30 AM and his chirps were unbearably loud), and very stylish clock that never works and a tiny gold crown ( no comments on the crown please :)

Jay's Office

What is your most prized possession?

Well, I would say my partner, Michael, but he's not really a possession, so I'll say my dog Kingsley. Second would be health.

What is your favorite place to escape?

Michael and I bought a tiny house in the Napa Valley last year. Though it is only about 90 minutes away, every time I'm there, I fell as if I am in another world. It is beautiful and so much fun!


What do you listen to?

Pandora! Loving! Michael Buble, Beyonce, Seal, Dina Washington,Celine,Hotel Costes, lady Gaga, Adele, Estelle, Angie Stone, Mary J. Timbaland, Thievery Corporation, MIA, Robin Thicke, Shirley Bassey, Olivia Newton John, Andy Gibb...I could go on and on...

What is your most favorite place to shop and why?

Los Angeles - I love all the 20th Century galleries.

Party in the House!

It is no wonder Jay has become such a success. I try to imagine accomplishing just a fraction of what Jay does before lunch in my whole week. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious, And so is his style. So look out New York...Jay is coming!

For more info on Jay and his team, their philosophy of "sophisticated fun", even more photos of his home and offices (and his whole portfolio) click on over HERE.

Have a stylish day!