Local Color: Fleuri

Linen covered chair, garden statue and flowers make for a very pretty arrangement.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and visions of cherubs, hearts and flowers are dancing in the heads of romantics everywhere.

There is a shop in Sacramento (technically, Carmichael) called Fleuri that embodies the idea of romantic living. Antiques, and new things, furniture and gifts, vintage linen and burlap ribbons, beautiful accessories and whimsical table settings...they all are put together with a European flair.

I was shopping there last week, and thought you might like a glimpse.

Wicker may be making a big comeback! Lovely wicker and glass vase.

Trophies and Tartan Plaid, and a very nice armoire!

Such a handsome collection. Old silver, leather bound books...

White on White, always pretty and fresh!

Lots of flour sack pillows. Lovely tea table with mirrored top.

Such a romantic bed!

Tea....or sherry?

Custom made table with reclaimed lumber and Galvanized top. I may have to do this for my patio table!

More pillows and accessories, pretty linen lamp shade "slip".

Beautiful settee.

(A side note....the floors look like real wood, but were in fact some sort of sheet goods! I didn't even notice until I walked on it and it was sort of spongy! Interesting idea for a retail space floor!)

Wonderful vintage linens.

More nice Linen covered chairs and small treasures.

Garden Party Table. I loved the marble table! And the old ironstone mixed with new pieces.

Hotel Silver....who can resist?

A garden vignette with wicker and antlers.

Old work table topped with tole lamps with linen shades.

Burlap ribbon ....wonderful!

Showstopping Victorian styled birdcage.

Velvet tufted settee.

Anyone looking for a little romance just might want to stop into Fleuri.

Ask to be put on their mailing list for upcoming Flea Market sales in the parking lot with many other vendors as well!


7301 Fair Oaks Blvd.

Carmichael, CA