Sweet Dreamers: UXUS

Guestroom in Amsterdam Loft located in an historic 18th century warehouse.

Ever since I walked into Ella, a wonderful restaurant in Sacramento designed by international design team UXUS, I knew I would be looking for more from the designers and fining out what drives their creative talents. (I posted about Ella HERE and HERE.)

UXUS, with offices in Amsterdam and Napa, California, waves their creative wand all over the world "fusing art and design" in moody magical ways.

Busy as they are, I was lucky to catch up with them and ask a few questions of creative directors, George Gottl and Oliver Michell:

How did UXUS come about? Can you tell us about your company and it’s history?
We started the company in the back of the loft nearly 7 years ago. We have 17 employees now.

The UXUS design aesthetic is truly unique and quite poetic. Can you tell us how it evolved?

We have always been inspired by primary sources of information, Art is one of our key sources.

Where and how do you begin the process of conceptualizing your designs for your clients?

We always start by interviewing the client and discovering exactly what they are looking to create.Often, we discover things that they didn’t even know they wanted.

Amsterdam Loft Hallway

What/who inspires you in your work?

Art and artists from all over.We especially like artists who work in 3-D There are two design directors at UXUS.

Can you tell us how you work together? Do you collaborate on the same projects, or do you divide and conquer?

We are very complementary, and work seamlessly as a team, often picking up where the other one left off.

How would you describe each of your own personal styles?

Oliver is more classic, and I tend towards fashion.

Bedroom in Amsterdam Loft overlooking the canals and city.

Describe your “perfect client”.

One that has complete integrity in what they would like to create and allow us to execute accordingly.

What are you working on now?

Some very special and big projects that we cannot discuss...

What is happening next?

Offices in Asia and US.

Living Space in Amsterdam Loft

UXUS has their fingers in retail, hospitality, and interior architecture, as well as branding and packaging. They also have a forward looking blog HERE.

For a look and more of their exquisite work, please visit their website HERE. You will slowly get an inkling of how these minds work when you see images of floating bathtubs and dressers, lamps made from dresses, and Narnia-like wardrobes in retail spaces, shutters on the ceiling in restaurants and chess piece-like tables in wineries, to say nothing of the richness in their residential spaces. When I look at the homes they have designed, ( especially La Finca, the Mallorcan retreat), I just have to sit back, relax and say "Ahhhhh.....".

Sweet Dreamers indeed.