Liking These... Spool No. 72

The Sage Burrow Rucksack

Spool No. 72 Clothing Company sent me an email with some new things. Always having design on my mind, I tend to link fashion and rooms in my mind, well, almost always. I imagine the sort of person that has an interesting piece of clothing and what their house might look like. So, here is a glimpse of how the wheels spin in my head.

Thanks Spool No. 72 for the inspiration!

Tyee Mountain Tote

Law Blouse

Hoquiam Dress

This is a minor sampling of the brilliant collection that is Spool No. 72. They carry coats and sweaters, jewelry, bags and totes, blouses and dresses.

They also have a fun blog HERE.

So I am just passing along the goodness.

(All photos of interiors via House Beautiful Online Photo Gallery)