Working Here Today

I have been here all day working away and realized....have you seen my office? I think not!

Here's a bit of a peek.

During our remodel, we dug down four feet under the house to turn our glorified crawl space into living space. We poured a concrete foundation which is now the finished floor. My husband and I sealed it ourselves with a high gloss concrete sealer, just leaving it the same color. I painted the walls Dunn Edwards Whisper White so I would have a clean background for my design work.

My thought for this space was that it would be a work space where I could create any number of things: interior designs, art projects, sewing projects. I also wanted to have the space be appropriate for client meetings. I wanted a professional looking space, but also one that I could really use as a laboratory. So, my plan was to have all of the furniture either be contemporary and white, or antique to provide a neutral backdrop to any project, but to also be interesting and easily changeable. I have this tendency to bring things home from here and there (like the wire lantern in the picture or the branches on top of the shelves) and I like to move things around a lot. An experiment always in life, no?

The conference table is West Elm. (It may soon become my desk, as I have thoughts on a new conference table.) The chest of drawers is perfect for my drawing storage. It is an antique specimen chest. The antique armoire is originally from Texas...nailed together with old square-headed nails. And I am sure you recognize the ikea Expidit bookcases (of which there are five total down here!) They hold my obsessive magazine collection, design books, samples and catalogs. That's about it for this little peek!

Now that you are all here with me, I am not feeling quite so lonely here by myself today. back to work!