Thank Goodness for Elle Decor

Elle Decor December 2009 Cover

After the very sad news today about the closure of Metropolitan Home, all I could think of was holding on tight to what we have left. There is nothing out there quite like Metropolitan Home for modern design, and perhaps it will make a comeback in another form after the economic dust settles. You can be certain I will be holding on to every issue I have ever had of what has been a classic in the world of shelter magazines.

But there is a ray of sunshine here. Elle Decor is holding it's own quite well. In fact Margaret Russell has been able to keep advertising dollars at a healthy rate and it seems the magazine will grace our magazine shelves for the foreseeable future.
I hope you all had a chance to hear the interview with Margaret Russell over at The Skirted Roundtable last week. It helps to see just how Ms. Russell is able to accomplish what she has: keeping a magazine fresh and current over the years while maintaining it as a profitable business. Check it out HERE.
So here is a little taste of what's coming up in the December issue of Elle Decor. It is going to be exceptional I assure you!!!!

Can we ever see enough of the work of Miles Redd?! I can't. If this New York City hallway for a young family is any indication, this feature alone is worth running right out and buying a copy. Drama!

And for all of you Charlotte lovers, we will get to see Ms. Moss' getaway in the Colorado Rockies. I will be stoking my fireplace, making a cup of Chai tea and settling in for this issue. You may not see me a for a day or two.

You will also be seeing:

~ the Manhattan home of Phillip Gorrivan

~ An upstate New York Home by Ernest de la Torre

~ 12 things Simon Doonan cannot live without

~ Trend alert: plaid is making a comeback in a BIG way (Mr. Tartanscot, you were definitely on to something!!)

~ What's Hot: McAlpine Home Collection from Lee Industries and Shelia Bridges new bedding for a start.

Elle Decor, thank you for fighting the good fight and providing content with something for everyone. You never disappoint and we look forward every month to your fresh ideas and insightful view of the world. We are rooting for you.

And to Metropolitan Home,

Metropolitan Home, the December 2009 issue will be it's last.

you will be sorely missed.

P.S. Thank you so much Anons for the correction!! I was given incorrect info on that one! I apologize.