Wedgwood, Celebrating 250 Years and Meeting Lord Wedgwood

Last Thursday was a wonderful day! I drove to the town of Campbell in the South Bay area to meet with my friend Nicki to discuss her new office project. We has perfect weather and no traffic on the way down, so I knew this day was starting off well. We had a great meeting and then it was off to San Francisco to attend a celebration at Gumps in honor of a Lord Wedgwood who was in attendance to discuss the 250 years that Wedgwood China has graced tables all over the world. I was very excited to hear him speak about the history of Wedgwood and how the company has kept it's beautiful china current and fresh.

During his discussion, Lord Wedgwood introduced us to mosaic artist Terrie Kvenild. They had worked together to produce this brilliant piece of sculpture in honor of the event and Wedgwood's 250 years. Terrie created this urn completely out of broken pieces of Wedgwood china, supplied by Wedgwood in England, and it is quite a masterful feat of craftsmanship. I was able to chat a moment with Terrie and take a picture of her next to her sculpture. (On a side note, I was told by both Marta Benson, CEO and Gene Ogden Director of Retail Merchandising for Gumps, that every time they have broken china from the store, they will send it off to Terrie who fashions it into magnificent sculptures, which you can find at Gumps. An example of recycling at it's best!)

Lord Wedgwood was also introducing a new collection of Jasperware at Gumps, so I was very anxious to see it. The larger vases like the one below, and in the first photo, are the only examples in the United States. Just look at the beautiful detail, even on the bottom of the vase!

Gumps had beautifully displayed the various colors of Wedgwood Jasperware. I took a few shots for you of the classic blue, taupe and the beautiful grey. The black and terracotta color is new, as is the dragon table china.

So....the highlight of the event for me was the opportunity to meet Lord Wedgwood himself. I have to say, he was so very charming taking time out to chat with me. He seemed very capable of putting everyone in the room perfectly at ease. Elegant and Polished. Don't you just love the pocket handkerchief? Pink with white polkadots. Perfect!

Lord Wedgwood was on hand to sign this wonderful book:

I can't recommend it more highly. It is full of table settings put together by such notables as Suzanne Rheinstein, Carolyn Roehm, Charlotte Moss, Thomas O'Brien, Stephen Drucker, Michael Smith, just to name a few. It also shows off the new Wedgwood designs by Jasper Conran, Vera Wang, Barbara Barry and Martha Stewart. ( Oh! and by the the interest of full disclosure, I was very happy, thrilled even, to purchase this book myself! Excellent!)

Wedgwood Style was also available at the signing, and though I did not have a chance to flip through it, you can be sure I will be adding it to my list to check out. Published in 2001, it is not easily available, and Gumps may be the only place that has it right now!!

So who else was at the party you ask?

My friends Gene Ogden and Marta Benson of Gumps were on hand, of course! Marta is in the perfect Wedgwood Blue isn't she?

And Grant Gibson with his friend Richard were there keeping things fun!

All and all, a very fun evening. If you are in San Francisco, please do drop in to Gumps to see the new Wedgwood collection. It alone is worth the trip. But there are always so many more things to see. Holiday cheer is already making an entrance, and there is nowhere better to finish off your holiday table with something special!