Couple of Things I've Been Working On:

Secondary Bath in Contemporary Ranch House

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, or lemons, if you will. If we are lucky, we do catch a glimpse of it coming. Last winter, the recession had hit Sacramento particularly hard,and it had a big affect on our family. The position I had held for 10 years as Senior Designer with another design company was eliminated at the end of last year. I had seen it coming. I had prepared myself to make a go of it and open my own design studio. Call me a business in this climate?!?! But I felt I had a few things going for me: I had just finished a remodel of my home which included a large home office/studio space (so no overhead to speak of), I had a pretty good reputation in the area, I had a couple of clients that came with me with the "OK" from my ex-boss, and I had started my blog, katiedid, almost two years prior. I cannot tell you what a huge help the blog has been to me in so many ways.

Perhaps most important to my design business, I have been very fortunate to have wonderful, wonderful clients. They have been staunch supporters, and such a pleasure to work with. I wake up everyday thinking how lucky I am. I have been busy with so many fun projects of all kinds, and some of them are almost ready to "show off".

Secondary Bath

So here are a couple of preview pictures of a house I have been working on with a couple who have become good friends in the process. They purchased a midcentury contemporary home that was in need of a face-lift. Most of the house was gutted, but the terrazo floor in the sunken living room remained intact. These are a just a couple of photos of the Kids' Bath and the Master Bath.

Master Bath

I have also been working on a beautiful Prairie Style Home which is nearing completion as well. Totally different style, and so much fun to work on. I promise to have pictures of this house when it is done!

I just want to say "Thank You" to my magnificent clients. You make my day!

The Lemonade is tasting better every day.